Build #2 “Ground Zer0 Sniper” ... then its time to pop up that zero on your face and Shotgun your way through enemy threats, ninja style! But only if you choose the optimal skill tree which involves picking the right skills at right tiers. I’ve gotten a couple of other characters (Gaige and Axton) to TVHM, and I’m working on getting a Salvador there as well, but I wanted to level up a Zer0 as well. Step Three. Borderlands 2 Assassin Zer0 Builds.

Sniper: Perfect build for long range shooting & significant damage. Both build will always build to have b0re in the green tree.
The Sniper Build delivers best performance in terms of critical hits. Step Two. Best Zer0 build? Step Four. [BL2] Title says all. I’m a bit new with using Zer0, and I’ve tried some work with a pistol build (specifically this one), but I’m looking for more of a leveling guide, especially for TVHM-OP8. Never used Zer0 really, can you show me any very solid builds that will cope even in OP8? The last part will cover endgame gear and builds, from lvl 61 to OP8. I’m starting it today from level 1, but will grind it up tonight ... Sniper: Sniper zero is probably the build he’s known most for, and for good reason it’s an extremely good playstyle. Melee: Appropriate build for large volume of enemies & melee action. Basically this, tweak as you please, sniper zero has plenty of leftover points to move around. Borderlands 2 Zero Builds.

Sniper Build. Either a good Sniper or a good Melee build will always max the central blue cunning tree. Step One. I will use different skill builds for certain raid bosses): Alternative 72 build because F0ll0w Thr0ugh is pretty awesome.. This is a global guide for Melee Zer0: you will find detailed informations about leveling up a melee Zer0 from lvl 1 to 50, basic tactic, basic playstyle, skill descriptions, game mechanics and step-by-step videos. In essence this is how I build my sniper Zer0s (mainly for general purpose mobbing.