Another feature of the Virtual Telescope is to give you the actual star sky and solar system state which depend on your current geolocation and time. Since its initial release in late 2006, WWT has become an integral part of many scientists’ research platform and an indispensable curriculum companion for many science teachers worldwide. Interfaces and Software.

The Hubble Space Telescope Fan Site. Benvenuti sul sito del Virtual Telescope Project, che consiste in una serie di telescopi robotici altamente tecnologici, facilmente controllabili da remoto via Internet, per offrirvi una personale, straordinaria esperienza astronomica!Qui scoprirete dettagli e informazioni sulle sue eccezionali caratteristiche, che ne fanno una struttura unica e leader sulle scene internazionali. Science Website. WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a virtual telescope to astronomers, a virtual observatory of the Earth to geo-researchers, and an interactive teaching and learning tool to science educators. A Virtual Telescope from NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Archive Research Center . 107K likes. The Virtual Telescope Project. Science Website. Science Website. SkyView Clients. The Virtual Telescope Project - Sezione Italiana. You can change zoom or lens size and get information about a selected object or just watch events like solar and lunar eclipses. Sky & Telescope. Comets and Asteroids. TelescopeLive. COELUM Astronomia. 1:11:58 . The Virtual Telescope Project: The Sky is Your Land Magazine. Skip Navigation (press 2) + NASA Portal + Goddard Space Flight Center; Search: Check the SkyView Blog for the most recent news. Non-Astronomers Page. Related Videos.

Science, Technology & Engineering. Supernova SN 2020hvf in NGC 3643 & SN 2020ftl in NGC 4277.