The image of 'Bedlam' The Bethlem has long been associated with scandal and abuse in the public mind - although this was in fact intermittent rather than a permanent feature.

The word “Bedlam” conjures up scenes of wild chaos and confusion but, in the 13th century, it was linked to one specific place: The Bethlehem Royal Hospital in London. It began in 1403 when the hospital treasurer, Peter Taverner (known as Peter the Porter), was found guilty of embezzlement and theft of hospital property. The patients were subjected to unimaginable tortures. STORIES OF COMING OUT IN AMERICA (Oscar Documentary Feature Shortlist), BACK FROM MADNESS, and DRINKING APART, and executive produced CANCER: EVOLUTION TO REVOLUTION (Peabody Award-winner). The Bethlem Royal Hospital was the first dedicated psychiatric institution in Europe, having been founded as a priory in 1247 and converted into a hospital in the early 14th century. This hospital was the first, and therefore the oldest, psychiatric hospital … Bedlam examines the mental health crisis through intimate stories of those in-and-out of ERs, jails and homeless camps. Clip 0:01:44 Bedlam – Jails for Mental Illness – Clip But when the first large asylums were built in the early 1800s, they were part of a new, more humane attitude towards mental healthcare. Bedlam’s history of patient abuse has been the inspiration for a number of horror tales, including the 1946 Boris Karloff film BEDLAM and the 2011 BBC TV series BEDLAM starring Theo James. The word Bedlam originated from London’s first insane asylum. Bethlem Hospital – better known as Bedlam Asylum – is the world’s most famous mental hospital. The Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem was established in London in 1247 as a hospice. "Bedlam Stories is the bastard child of David Lynch and Clive Barker. Bedloe State Hospital is the prize in a desperate battle between Alex Greco and Sam Akbar, the entrenched anti-reform superintendent.

The history of the hospital itself against the history of the ways in which the mad were treated, and against what she sees as a rising tide of madness within society.

The Victorian mental asylum has the reputation of a place of misery where inmates were locked up and left to the mercy of their keepers. It's haunting artistry will scar you from the inside out!" The hospital was also referred to as Bedlam, which means chaos or madness, because of the bad reputation it had. And there is the hospital itself, hell and haven. Bedlam, Bethlem Royal Hospital, must surely be one of the most famous hospitals in the world.

- Christopher M. Jimenez, SINFUL CELLULOID "This is … 2. By the time this institution moved to its first new location in 1337, it became known as Bethlem Hospital, or “Bedlam” for short.