For Prometheus we only offer one way to configure a given option to keep things simple. In Prometheus the instance label uniquely identifies a target within a job. I added the below configuration in prometheus.yml to include namespace, pod and node labels. It's nice to check that your configuration is valid before pushing to production. When the documentation is improved this kind of high level overview of what can be done, and why, should be up front. I found this config in a blog: # … Relabel configs allow you to select which targets you want scraped, and what the target labels will be. Jobs and instances. Controlling the instance label.

It is presumed that you have a configuration management system which handles things like this, and multiple configuration sources with potentially conflicting information does not help you. Prometheus runs as a Docker service on a Docker swarm. Relabeling rules used to drop or keep specific metrics allow you to hide what you don’t want, keeping the interface and metrics system manageable. Let's see how you do that. In a previous post I said that rather than adding another label such as host or alias to a target to give it a useable name, you should instead change the instance label. Continuing with the simple example of http_requests_total , services can be more descriptive on the requests that are being counted and expose things like the endpoint being used or the status code returned. I installed stable/prometheus from helm. Configure Prometheus. At this time, we’re using Prometheus with a default configuration. It’s easily fixed with the Prometheus relabel_config directives that are part of the Prometheus configuration. But we need to tell Prometheus to pull metrics from the /metrics endpoint from the Go application.

Prometheus will gracefully fail to reload if there's a bad configuration, but will fail to start if there isn't one at startup. In particular if we use labels or values in a field, we should expect to have different values of this field, and our templates need to deal with that.

One or more Docker engines are joined into a Docker swarm, using docker swarm init on one manager and docker swarm join on other managers and worker nodes. While the command-line flags configure immutable system parameters (such as storage locations, amount of data to keep on disk and in memory, etc. So if you want to say scrape this type of machine but not that one, use relabel_configs. relabel_config allows you to change any labels discovered by Consul and specify target labels – like __address__ – and add correct information.


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