Many people are starting to ask what a world with intelligent computers will look like. Christian Etmann, Sebastian Lunz, Peter Maass, and Carola Schoenlieb. 97. SafeLife version 1.0 focuses on the problem of avoiding negative side effects—how can we train an agent to do what we want it to do but nothing more?

His work at EFF has included privacy and security projects such as the Let's Encrypt CA, Panopticlick, HTTPS Everywhere, and the SSL Observatory. 2019. Peter Eckersley is Chief Computer Scientist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In this position he also helped to launch a movement for open wireless networks and fought to keep modern computing platforms open. “We are at a critical juncture,” Eckersley wrote in noting both the promise and the limitations of AI. This workshop builds on our AI for Social Good workshop at NeurIPS 2018 and ICLR 2019. AI has the potential to be the single greatest human achievement, yet critics can also argue that it has the potential to be the most destructive. Earlier this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described artificial intelligence as more profound to humanity than fire. Introduction: The rapid expansion of AI research presents two clear conundrums: the comparative lack of incentives for researchers to address social impact issues and the dearth … Facebook is an enormously data-rich company and here are 4 ways it is putting this data to use by applying the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Where It's Going The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision. EFF said it wants to “bridge the gap” between proponents and opponents of military AI, white paper author Peter Eckersley wrote in an accompanying blog post.

Peter leads the Partnership's research practice on topics associated with PAI's mission, including on best practices for the ethics, safety, fairness, inclusiveness, trust, and robustness for AI …

Artificial intelligence will transform the relationship between people and technology, charging our creativity and skills.

In Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (Proceedings of Machine Learning Research) , Kamalika Chaudhuri and Ruslan Salakhutdinov (Eds. The field of machine learning and artificial intelligence is making rapid progress. But what is the ratio of…

SafeLife version 1.0 focuses on the problem of avoiding negative side effects—how can we train an agent to do what we want it to do but nothing more? “We as humans want multiple incompatible things,” says Peter Eckersley, the director of research for the Partnership on AI, who recently released a paper that explores this issue. Peter Eckersley is the Director of Research at the Partnership on AI. He leads PAI's internal research efforts and support for extenal work on a wide range of AI ethics and policy topics. Peter Eckersley Director of Research Peter Eckersley is Director of Research for the Partnership on AI . ), Vol.