3D Compass - Get your bearings instantly with a unique perspective. TPE for Desktop is the original version of the program, and is the outdoor photography planning tool used by tens of thousands of photographers, amateur and professional, around the world. To maximize the success of your moon photography, there are a few bits of a gear that will come in handy. Screenshots of the Photo Pills app for iOS, showing Moon Phases and Augmented Reality. Beginner | Intermediate. It shows notifications before and on sunsets among other nice things.

View fullsize. Photopills is another great app for Milky Way and night sky photography.

From using a night-photography app to adjusting your phone's exposure, MailOnline reveals how to take the best photos of the wolf moon from anywhere in the world on your phone. 2. The Augmented Reality feature on the Photo Pills app, in particular, is very useful for proper planning.

Today it is the only app I use to determine the location of the sun or the moon, or to plan on finding when planets are near the moon for photo purposes. Providing Personalisation at Your Fingertips, wherever you are and whenever you have a spare moment! You can change time and see the sky changing, and with the Pro-version you can change observer’s position. Fetching more photos… Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 19 20 Next. By far the most photographed stage is the full moon, which is also the brightest and the most difficult to expose correctly. Interactive Map - Sun and moon overlays, distance and elevation calculations, shadows. Street View - Explore and plan near and far with 360° interactive panoramas.

Download the Moonpig App Today! Sun | Moon | Landscape | Outdoor | Architectural | Cityscape. Johannes Rapprich. The Photographer's Ephemeris Web App Recommended foR.

Photo Opportunities - Get inspired with dates and times of upcoming photogenic events. Like Photographer’s Ephemeris (below), it enables you to visualize shots with the location of the Milky Way, sun and moon considered for your specific location and time. Alternatively, you can always look up a calendar online, or download a moon phase app that will do the calculations for you.

"While there’s no substitute for patience and a little luck when it comes to photography, Sun Surveyor puts me in the best position to make a great shot. Open Web App. Available on Android and iOS.

This is especially useful when planning your moon shoots in advance. Check them out. Space: The Final Frontier. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a very popular app that allows you to plan landscape photography shots by showing you the position of the sun and moon. One must- have app is The Photographer’s Ephemeris which will not only give you the phases of the moon, but also show you when and where the moon will appear in the sky. Collection 57 Photos. Use the Right Equipment. Desktop Web App. It is a newer app and is …

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