It's been years since the tragic and untimely murder of Lin Jun, but the story of his brutal death has risen in popularity again since the recent release of … Luka Magnotta, who set off an international manhunt after he dismembered a Chinese student and mailed the body parts to politicians across Canada, will not be … This act gained international notoriety.

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Please proceed with caution. Luka Magnotta Now Is Almost Unrecognizable After Several Years In Prison Magnotta married another inmate in 2017. Don’t F**k With Cats has proven to be one of Netflix’s more controversial true crime documentaries, but there’s more to the Luka Magnotta case than it shows. Luka Magnotta's Mum Says Third Hand In Don't F*** With Cats Killing Video Belongs To Manny Entertainment Britain's Got Talent Viewers Left Sobbing Over Dog Rescued From Meat Trade Luka Magnotta, the killer who is the focus of Netflix’s Don’t F**k With Cats, is married and apparently living a life of relative luxury in prison. The Manny story was debunked because he is said to have based it off a character from a movie. New Luka Magnotta book captures a mother’s unconditional love for a sadistic killer. Luka Rocco Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman; July 24, 1982) is a Canadian murderer who was convicted of killing and dismembering Chinese international student Jun Lin before mailing Lin's hands and feet to elementary schools and federal political party offices. WARNING: This article contains upsetting material relating to the abuse and murder committed by Luka Magnotta. The mother of notorious killer Luka Magnotta, who sparked an international manhunt after he killed and dismembered a Chinese man he lured to his appartment and mailed his body parts to the Liberal and Conservative headquarters, wants her son released from prison early because of the coronavirus. The evidence the jurors in the Luka Magnotta trial watched was grim enough — dismemberment videos showing Magnotta cutting away at the dead body of the 33-year-old Chinese student named Lin Jun and even staging Lin’s severed head, as carefully as a director of ordinary film might arrange his shots, for maximum viewer impact.