is a planned effort initiated by process specialists to help an organization develop its diagnostic skills, coping capabilities, linkage strategies (in the form of temporary and semi-permanent systems) and a culture of mutuality. Organizational Development Introduction to Organizational Development Concept: Organizational Development or O.D. Introduction to. In addition it also can define as how a people in the organization are group together and to whom they report.

In this introductory, self-paced course, you will learn multiple theories of organizational behavior and apply them to actual cases of organizational change.

Introduction to Organization An act is a direct, simple movement of force or energy, as in lifting a stool. Introduction to organizational structure An organization structure refers to an arrangement of people, relationship and responsibilities in carrying out company activities to achieve goal. (i) Organization as a Process: In this first sense, organization is treated as a dynamic process and a managerial activity which is essential for planning the utilization of company's resources, plant an equipment materials, money and people to accomplish the various objectives.

Organizations are groups whose members coordinate their behaviors in order to accomplish a shared goal. Organization is born when more than one person coordinates to execute a work, such as one person passing bundles to another person who puts them in an order.

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