The MIL-spec design and construction of these L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight Operations flashlights takes tactical lighting and target acquisition to the next level. The M6’s Xenon bulb delivers a peak output of 90+ lumens and is powered by two (2) 3V 123 lithium batteries (included) that give it a one (1) hour run time. Find remote switch lights, ideal for tactical scenarios, and mini red dot sights to expand the functionality of your firearm.

They show different models (available on amazon) for the M3 and M6 etc. in the manual that came with my bezel. Insight M6X Green, Led-Slide-Lock, Long Gun, Green, 1913 Md: M6X-600-A2 The M6X-G Tactical Laser Illuminator, Designed And Built For Combat Deployment With U.S. Special Operations Personnel, Offers a High Visibility Green Laser Model. Insight Technology M6X LED Tactical Laser Illuminator The M6X LED Tactical Laser Illuminator was designed for combat deployment. Mounted on XD for bedroom gun for a few months, thats it. I went with this one over the competition because the candlepower of the flashlight was the brightest around. Paid about $320. Insight Pressure Switch for M-Series Flashlights 4" Straight Cord CFL-050-425 $74.99 5 Pack, AN/PEQ-2A Laser Sight, Pattern Generators 5 Symbols, Insight Technology The M6 is the most popular tactical illuminator/laser combination available today and is widely used for both law enforcement and personal defense because of its lightweight design and reputation for rugged reliability. Its the 1913 version for XD and XDm, SIG, etc.

The M6X delivers an extended run time of 120 minutes and 150 lumens of blinding light from a high-performance LED contained in a Shock Suppression System designed to handle the heavy recoil demands of today's tactical loads. Insight Technology is a manufacture of high quality lights and red dot sights for your firearm. I received this item today; most notably it is an Insight product designed to fit on only the M3X & M6X Streamlight Insight lights. Title says it all. Box, manual, warranty info, etc. Insights Discovery helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries. Insight CFL-700 Replacement Lamp for M2 UTL, M3, M3-LED, M4, M4-PRO, M5, M6 TLI US$19.75 Insight CFL-120 Replacement Lamp for M3X, M6X, LAM, AN/PEQ-14, AN/PEQ-16 The L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight Operations M6X Tactical Laser Sight / Flashlight is more powerful, more durable, and gives you more options than other flashlight and laser sight combinations. Universal in their application and ideal in their design, these lights and sights are the perfect addition to your rifle, shotgun, or pistol.

LNIB Insight M6x light/laser attachment.