Camp John Hope, Fort Valley . PLAY. STUDY. FCCLA provides an opportunity to learn and lead while competing for chapter, state and national recognition. Gravity. Officers will … Participants compete for individual, team and chapter awards. Created by. National STAR Events; Florida Competitive Events; Photo Gallery; Resources. Did you know, FCCLA offers 50+ Competitive Events? Competitive Events General Rules and Guidelines. Participants will be evaluated on the basis of a defined standard. Match. View Competitive Events . Key Concepts: Terms in this set (28) Baking & Pastry. Competitive Events. Flashcards. Write. The learning opportunities offered by high quality Competitive Events are unparalleled. Event Dates; District Meetings; State Leadership Conference. State Officer Candidate Info; National Leadership Conference; Florida FCCLA Day; Competitive Events. FCCLA Competitive Events have multiple categories, styles, and guidelines to meet the needs of diverse members and chapters. Spell. Career Investigation. State Proficiency Events Program events, (PEP events) will be conducted following the Nevada State Proficiency Events Manual. To obtain event guidelines and policies, download the 2019-2020 Competitive Events Guide available on the “Resources” tab of the FCCLA portal. Competitive Events set members up for career success as members explore Career Pathways and … Competitive Events Page 24 New Adviser Handbook > Competitive Events. Involvement in FCCLA’s Competitive Events programs offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life necessary in … Members may choose from 50+ Competitive Events which apply skills and knowledge gained through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. Members have the opportunity to take part in events designed to offer career preparation and exploration, service learning, and the opportunity to travel when competing at the local, state, and national level. DISCOVER Training September 14, 2019. These competitions take place at FCCLA’s National Fall Conference. Each participant will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal based on his or her score. BryannaRussell. Georgia FCCLA's calendar of events provides many opportunities for involvement and participation at both the high school and college levels of the organization. Through participation in Competitive Events, FCCLA members gain employable skills and industry insight needed to thrive in the 21st Century. Saturday, September, 14, 2019. Skill Demonstration Events provide opportunities for FCCLA members to demonstrate college- and career-readiness skills in Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations. Test. DISCOVER Training equips your chapter officers with specific skills to lead their chapter. FCCLA STAR Events. Learn. A team event - recognizes participants who demonstrate their baking and pastry skills through the preparation of a quick bread, choux pastry, cookie, and shaped yeast bread. Georgia FCCLA Events.