Science. Methods for making your class sessions more effective. The productive method believes in using students’ prior knowledge to learn new materials. The Measures of Effective Teaching Project (MET) released its final reports in January this … Researcher explores the productive teaching method in relation to teaching middle school science. This chapter discusses several methods of teaching science within the traditional formats: lectures, discussion sessions, and laboratories. The science teaching methods will be analyzed in order to try and understand what ways of teaching science are most beneficial to the student. Cons: Although it’s well-suited for teaching mathematics, music, physical education, or arts and crafts, it is difficult to accommodate students’ individual needs in larger classrooms.

Teaching elementary school science has to be approached in a way that differs from higher education levels of science. Pros: This style gives teachers opportunities to incorporate a variety of formats including lectures and multimedia presentations.

Music.) The Facilitator, or activity style.

How can you help your students learn science better and more efficiently in each format?