Suffice to say that in the "killer doll" sub-genre of stupid horror flicks, Dolly Dearest may very well be the most moronic -- and this is a line of movies that includes titles like Dollman vs. This brings us to the movie we will be discussing today – Dolly Dearest. Much like the surprisingly good Child’s Play (1987) cash-in Dolly Dearest ... Chucky from Child’s Play The Chuckster is the creepiest of the creepy dolls. by emejackson Follow. Not to mention there's just something about little girl dolls that is much more freaky than little boy dolls.

Where as Chucky ended up being more of a comic hero, Dolly Dearest is downright evil.

In the tittle. Directed by Maria Lease. Maria Lease served as co-writer and director on Dolly Dearest.This marks her one and only feature film directorial effort. Unfortunately for viewing audiences everywhere, Dolly Dearest does not measure up to the vastly superior Child’s Play.

A bad best buddy, if you will. This 1991 film is a blatant and unapologetic attempt to capitalize on the ‘killer doll’ craze that Child’s Play set in motion. Petition for Life sized Unstitched Chucky. Share. Dolly was the main villain of the 1991 horror movie Dolly Dearest, technically she was one of many possessed dolls in the movie - however there was a singular "Dolly" that seemed to have more hold over her human victims than the others and thus could arguably be the prime villain of the mob of demons.. History Edit. Dolly Dearest is little more than a pale imitation of Child’s Play with a slight Poltergeist influence peppered in for good measure. Not to mention there's just something about little girl dolls that is … Where as Chucky ended up being more of a comic hero, Dolly Dearest is downright evil. click here. With a hint of "the Exorcist" posession thrown in, she's quite the satanic doll, making this a much darker movie than even the first Child's Play. As opposed to Child's Play's protagonist, Andy, who becomes fearful of his killer doll, Chucky, Jessica's relationship with Dolly Dearest is a little more possessive; as in, Dolly slowly turns Jessica into an evil accomplice. Writer-director Maria Lease (a script supervisor on the likes of Better Off Dead and Boston Legal) admirably attempts to outdo one possessed doll with multiple possessed dolls. Dolly Dearest A low-budget variant on "Child's Play,""Dolly Dearest" is a scary horror film about a devil doll. Make sure you sign the petition for a 1:1 scale unstitched Chucky replica Click here!!! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dolly Dearest at If any fan is a fan of Dolly Dearest, prepare for Dolly and also I'm letting her … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Though he isn’t the original creepy doll, See full article at FEARnet » Permalink; Report this; Killer Dolls And Toys That Will Make A Killer Gift This Christmas! Like the Brand NEW OFFICIAL Facebook, All new all killer no filler Click here !!! Dolly dearest x chucky 244 3 0. by emejackson. Follow us on Twitter !!! Porcelain dolls are creepy enough on their own, but as we saw in 1991's Dolly Dearest, they are even more terrifying when they are possessed by an ancient and malevolent Mayan spirit.

Share. Join us on Facebook !!! Movies Like Cult of Chucky Movies Like Annabelle: Creation. While the setting of the Mexican Dolly Dearest doll factory certainly adds to the atmospheric horror and suspense of the film, Dolly takes center stage as she attempts to find a new host body.