22 comments. The new release won’t feature the Re Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts III. User Info: IcyWind14. 6 playable games and 3 cutscene movies! This thread is archived. IcyWind14 1 year ago #2. Is the KINGDOM HEARTS All-In-One Package worth it? So I bought the all in one package thinking i was getting kingdom hearts 1,2,3 for 100 dollars and Im like "ok that's worth it." Is the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package worth it for $50? I have never played Kingdom Hearts before, and I want to get into it. Then I see that I just got 6 games from the 1.5 and 2.5 remix which I thought was only kingdom hearts 1 and 2. Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package may sound like it offers the complete Kingdom Hearts experience, but it doesn’t. DoomDesired2 1 year ago #1. The all in one package is actually a steal, it’s $100 for 9 experiences. User Info: DoomDesired2. Is this the place to start, and if it is, is it worth it?
Its $160 AUD (about $115 USD) which is not cheap obviously, especially for a game. I've never played Kingdom Hearts in my life but I have some interest since I've always heard good things about the series. share. save hide report. Did I read the discription wrong because I believe it said that I also get 3 with this for when it comes out. The KH story can be confusing at times but there are MANY MANY places you can go to find help with understanding the story! While the name implies it offers a complete collection, this isn’t the case.

That’s $10 per game including KH3! First off, the Kingdom Hearts series is amazing.
This 3-star rating is purely based on the packaging of this particular item. sHiNy sWoRd mY dIaMoNd . Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package is releasing on PlayStation 4 March 17. Is this bundle worth the money if I've never played anything from the series? 100% Upvoted.

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