After playing it, he was much inclined to agree with the other six reviewers who suffered through this crap before him.

This game was developed by Realtime Associates and published by Sega in 1993. Soon enough, he found reviews for Barney's Hide and Seek.

Barney's Hide and Seek (Barney) was one such game, and served to remind me why I want to kill that Fat, Purple, Uncle Bleemers Graphics: (6.5) As bad a game as Barney is, at least the graphics are pretty good and happen to be quite well detailed. Read reviews and ratings of Barney's Hide and Seek from our experts, and see what our community says, too!

This is a longplay and review gameplay video taken from Banrey's Hide & Seek Game for the Sega Genesis. He immediately noticed that there were six reviews, all rating the game ''1''. Barney looks as realistic as a fat, retarded guy in a purple dinosaur costume should look, the animation is rather smooth, and backgrounds are …

His curiosity aroused, he decided to get the game for a few minutes just to see how bad it truly was.