Merit Medal for the Avezzano Earthquake, 1915. Only the 1908 - On 28 December Europe's most powerful earthquake strikes the …

Avezzano rescue teams at work. The death toll is estimated to be at least 30,000. Avezzano, town, Abruzzi regione, central Italy. 13th January » An 1915 Avezzano earthquake e.g earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 29,800. 21st January » Kiwanis International is founded in Detroit, Michigan. Silver; marked “S.J.” under the bust. Built on the reclaimed Fucino Basin (q.v.

The town of Avezzano at its epicentre is completely destroyed.

Celano survivors in the rubble of the destroyed houses.

Italy, 1915.

The 13 January 1915 earthquake, centered under the town of Avezzano in Central Italy, demolished the town and caused extensive damage in the area.

This article describes the results of a ground motion modeling study of the 1915 Avezzano earthquake.

), the town was destroyed in 1915 by an earthquake, of which it was the epicentre, and was subsequently rebuilt. Le 13 janvier 1915 à 6 h 52 min 42 s UTC (heure locale 7 h 52 min 48 s), un séisme de magnitude 7 secoue la Marsica, dans les Abruzzes, notamment la ville de Avezzano et une partie du Latium méridional.Il provoque 30 519 victimes [1 The Marsica earthquake of 1915 was a dramatic event happened on 13 January 1915, which affected the whole area of the Marsi in Abruzzo and part of southern Lazio.

In World War II it was heavily damaged again. Abstract.

Italy, Kingdom. Avezzano lies south of L’Aquila city. Italy, 1915. Earthquake in Avezzano and Marsica. Avezzano earthquake 1915, a century later January 15, 2015 / fabiolatammaro On January 13, 1915 a strong earthquake M s =7 struck the villages in the Fucino basin (central Italy) and surrounding areas (Fig.1), causing more than 30,000 casualties and strong damage over an … 1915 - An earthquake on 13 January shakes southern Italy. 19th January » Georges Claude patents the neon Neon lighting known as discharge tube for use in advertising. The goal was to test assuinptions regarding the rupture process of this earthquake by attempting to model the damage to historical monuments and populated habitats during the earthquake. The Marsica earthquake of 1915 was a dramatic event occurred on 13 January 1915, which affected the whole area of the Marsi in Abruzzo and part of southern Lazio. Earthquake in Avezzano and Marsica.

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